Every person living in this village in India is a millionaire, this way people earn hundreds of thousands of rupees every month!

New Delhi: If anyone asks you which city will have the most millionaires in the country, then metro names like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata will come to your mind. But do you know that there is also a village in the country in which almost all the inhabitants are millionaires. You might not believe it, but it’s true. Today we are going to tell you about this village. It’s not that the people of this village are already rich. People here have attained this wealth based on their hard work. Let us tell you about this village.

Know where this village is
This village is part of the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra (Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra). Its name is Hiware Bazaar Village. The fate of this village was written by the people themselves. In 1990, 90% of poor families lived here. There wasn’t even water to drink here. But, the fortunes of the village have changed. The story of this success is interesting. Only 305 families live in this village. Among them, more than 80% are millionaires. An interesting thing about this village is that there is not a single mosquito here. Water and greenery abound in this village. In summer, the temperature of this village is 3 to 4 degrees lower than that of the surrounding villages.

people earn hundreds of thousands of rupees
The annual income of more than 50 families in the village is over Rs 10 lakh. The per capita income of the village is twice the average income (890 rupees per month) of the 10% richest rural areas in the country. In other words, the average income has increased 20 times over the past 15 years. In 1995, 168 out of 180 families lived below the poverty line. At the same time, during the 1998 survey, this number increased to 53. Currently, there are only three families in this category. The village has set its own separate criteria for the poverty line, people who meet these criteria up to Rs.10 thousand per year. Even if they are unable to spend, they fall into this category. These parameters are almost three times higher than the official poverty line.

village sarpanch changed the image
Previously, there was also poverty in this village. People were worried. There was not even enough water in the village. But the name of Sarpanch Popat Rao Pawar of this village is counted among those locals who changed the image of the whole village because of his. People around are now making new experiences in farming by learning from them. Decades ago, Hiware Bazar was as prosperous as other villages. In the 1970s, the village was famous for its Hind Kesari wrestlers. But the situation got worse and worse. Hiware Bazar faced a severe drought in the 80s-90s. There is no more water to drink here. Some people fled with their families. There were only 93 wells in the village. The water level also reached 82-110 feet. But then people started trying to save themselves.

Thus the development in the village
During 1990, a “Joint Forest Management Committee” was formed. Under this, the work of digging wells and planting trees in the village began with shramdaan. In this work funds were received under the Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme which helped a lot. In 1994-95 the Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana came, which gave new impetus to this work. After that, the committee took strict measures. The committee banned these crops in the village, which needed more water. Now the water level in the village is down to 30-35 feet. There are now 340 wells in the village.

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Christina A. Kroll