Get a loan online with bad credit -So easy online loan application poor credit

23 Jul

So easy & convenient online loan application poor credit

For the services that KC Lending offers, a fee is requested from both the entrepreneur and the investor. This fee does not change during the term of a loan.

You will find an explanation of the online loans for bad credit history in this top article.

During the credit check, you get a clear picture of the actual costs. These are, of course, tailor-made by the KC Coach. The monthly interest and repayments are variable and depend on a number of variables, such as the interest rate and the term. You discuss this together with the KC Coach.

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To lend

Costs (excl. VAT)
Credit assessment 1 € 350
Publication & contract costs 2 € 850
Success fee (one-off) 3 1.5% (minimum of € 1,500)
Administration fee per month 4 0.07%

Additional costs

Compensation for late payment 5 € 500
Reimbursement early 6 12 months interest
Reimbursement revision loan conditions 7 2%
Minimum revision of loan conditions 7 € 1,000
Reimbursement for withdrawal of loan application after approval of confirmation e-mail 8 50% success fee + 50% publication and contract costs
Reimbursement withdrawal loan application after publication 9 1.5%

Risks of KC Lending

As an entrepreneur you run the risk that your loan application will be rejected during the application process. Even after your loan application has been published on KC Lending, it can happen that your loan application has not been written up in time. In both cases, no reimbursements are returned. If your loan is made definitive, you conclude an agreement with the investors that also includes your payment obligations.


1 When applying for a loan, credit assessment costs are charged. These costs are entirely due to your KC Coach and are also charged in the event of a rejection.

2 These costs are charged for publishing your loan application on the online platform. If the loan application has been completed, the publication and contract costs will be deducted from the loan amount upon payment (incl. VAT). Has the loan application not been filled? Then these costs expire.

3 The success fee is calculated once when the loan agreement is concluded and is deducted from the loan amount upon payment (incl. VAT).

4 The administration fee is calculated monthly on the original principal amount of the loan and collected monthly with the interest and repayment due.

5 This is only a compensation for the costs incurred by KC Lending as a result of late payment. This does not affect the fact that the interest on the loan is due to the investors on the amount due and any additional costs in the event of the payment not being made.

6 For early repayment of the entire remaining loan amount, KC Lending requires a payment in the amount of 12 months interest payment. Half of this goes to the investors, the other half to KC Lending.

7 KC Lending charges a fee as a percentage of the remaining loan amount with the defined minimum for the effort and costs for revising loan conditions. A revision is submitted to the investors for assessment and therefore offers the entrepreneur no guarantee that the change proposal will be accepted.

8 If you withdraw the loan application after you have given your approval on the confirmation e-mail, this will be charged with 50% of the publication and contract costs and 50% of the success fee.

9 If you withdraw the loan application after it has been published and before the loan is finalized, you will be charged with the success fee. The publication and contract costs are also charged.

How we prevent conflicts of interest

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You can read about how we prevent conflicts of interest at KC Lending in the ‘Conflicts of interest policy’ document.