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Heritage Hotels

* Ajit Bhawan
* Balsamand Lake Palace
* Devi Bhawan
* Haveli Inn Pal
* Jasol Heritage
* Jee Ri Haveli
* Karni Bhawan
* Khaas Bagh
* KP Heritage Haveli
* Kuchaman Haveli
* Madho Niwas
* Megh Niwas
* Pal Garh
* Pal Haveli
* Polo Heritage
* RAAS Jodhpur
* Ranbanka
* Ratan Vilas

Luxury Hotels

* The Gateway Hotel
* Park Plaza Jodhpur
* Taj Hari Mahal
* Umaid Bhawan Palace

Deluxe Hotels

* Mapple Abhay
* Chandra Inn
* Hotel Kalinga
* Lake View & Resort
* Lariya Resort
* Maru Garh
* Niky International
* Rajputana Palace
* Shree Ram International
* Suncity International

Economy Hotels

* Hotel Omni Plaza
* Hotel Ratnawali
* Residency Palace
* RTDC Hotel Ghoomar
* Shri Ram Excellency

Guest Houses

* Haveli Guest House
* Mandore Guest House
* Newtons Manor
* Surya Kunj

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Jodhpur Hotels

Jodhpur Heritage Hotels

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Heritage Hotels

 Ajit Bhawan
 Balsamand Lake Palace
 Devi Bhawan
 Haveli Inn Pal
 Jasol Heritage
 Jee Ri Haveli
 Karni Bhawan
 Khaas Bagh
 Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli
 Kuchaman Haveli
 Madho Niwas
 Megh Niwas
 Pal Garh
 Pal Haveli
 Polo Heritage
 RAAS Jodhpur
 Ratan Vilas

Jodhpur Luxury Hotels

Jodhpur Luxury Hotels, Luxury Hotels of Jodhpur, Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur, jodhpurluxuryhotels, luxuryhotelsinjodhpur, luxuryhotelsofjodhpur, jodhpurhotels
Luxury Hotels

 The Gateway Hotel
 Park Plaza Jodhpur
 Taj Hari Mahal
 Umaid Bhawan Palace

Jodhpur Deluxe Hotels

Jodhpur Three Star Hotels, Three Star Hotels in Jodhpur, Three Star Hotels of Jodhpur, Deluxe Hotels of Jodhpur, jodhpurthreestarhotels, jodhpurdeluxehotels, jodhpurhotels
Deluxe Hotels

 Mapple Abhay
 Chandra Inn
 Hotel Kalinga
 Lake View & Resort
 Lariya Resort
 Maru Garh
 Niky International
 Rajputana Palace
 Shree Ram International
 Suncity International

Jodhpur Economy Hotels

Jodhpur Economy Hotels, Economy Hotels of Jodhpur, Economy Hotels in Jodhpur, jodhpureconomyhotels, jodhpurhotels, jodhpur budget hotels, budget hotels in jodhpur
Economy Hotels

 Inn Season
 Omni Plaza
 Hotel Ratnawali
 Residency Palace
 RTDC Hotel Ghoomar
 Shri Ram Excellency

Jodhpur Guest Houses

Jodhpur Guest Houses, Guest Houses in Jodhpur, Home Stays in Jodhpur, Jodhpur Home Stays, Jodhpur Hotels
Guest Houses

 Haveli Guest House
 Mandore Guest House
 Newtons Manor
 Surya Kunj

Jodhpur - The Blue City

Set at the edge of the Thar Desert, the imperial city of Jodhpur echoes with tales of antiquity in the emptiness of the desert. Once the capital of the Marwar state, Jodhpur was founded in 1459 AD by Rao Jodha, chief of the Rathore clan of Rajputs who claimed to be descendants of Rama - the epic hero of the Ramayana.

The massive 15th century A.D. Mehrangarh Fort looms on the top of a rocky hill, soaring 125 Mts. Above the plains. The Jodhpur City is encompassed by a high wall -10 km long with 8 gates and innumerable bastions. A major trade centre of the 16th century A.D. the fortress-city of Jodhpur is now the second largest city of Rajasthan. While the graceful palaces, forts and temples strewn throughout the city bring alive the historic grandeur, exquisite handicrafts, folk dances music and the brightly attired people lend a romantic aura to the city. The jumbles of wide winding streets are flanked with pavement stalls. The lifestyle in Jodhpur is unusually fascinating with folks wearing lovely multihued costumes, artistically designed. Women folk wear wide gathered skirts and a hip length jacket, with three quarter length sleeves, covering the front and back. The colorful turbans worn by the men folk add more color to the city. It was from here that the popularity worn baggy - tight, horse riding trousers- 'Jodhpurs' took their name.

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