Interim financing without a house bank: insider tips for companies and the self-employed!

Interim financing to overcome financing bottlenecks If there is an unexpectedly high order intake in the room, the financial instrument of the interim financing often also serves as a pre-financing of the order, provided that no advance payment could be agreed with the client. Likewise, this will be used to finance repairs or pay and Continue Reading

Is it Harder to Get a Home Loan?

The times seem far away when the banks financed without difficulty the totality of the real estate investment, that is to say the acquisition of the housing itself and the additional expenses of which the notary fees and bank guarantee costs. The continued rise in real estate prices justified this risk taking. Banks: priority to Continue Reading

Business Loans without private credit and high interest

Business loan seekers whose credit report contains a negative entry, want to be able to borrow without private credit. These actually exist and are mainly offered by banking institutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The usual product name is Swiss Credit, even if it actually comes from a bank in the Principality. For some borrowers, loans without private Continue Reading